You may provide prompts in whatever medium is most comfortable for you: text, picture, audio, or video. Because this is a Micropractice, text is limited to 300 characters, one picture, or a one minute limit for audio or video.

Although your followers are free to respond in whichever medium they choose, you can expect the medium you use to influence their decision of how to respond. You can also suggest a medium to respond if you feel necessary but we make it a policy not to lock them into any single medium.

We are initially asking for a minimum of prompts in the medium(s) you see yourself most likely to use. Instead of making them progressive (one leading to another), we ask that you provide various stand-alone prompts as it’s most important to see what draws initial users into your practice instead of investing further into them.

In no way do we want to limit your creative freedom with this new platform. We are simply using this first collection of prompts to test with users and figure out what will make for the most authentic and effective experience for Praxtitioners (you) and Praxers (users) alike.

For the sake of our users, be as specific as possible in what way or ways you would like them to respond.

We‘re in beta! Please let us know if you have any questions...

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