Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Prax?

    Prax is your playground for personal growth.

    A Prax, or Micropractice™, is a bite-sized prompt from one of our expert Praxtitioners™. These prompts allow you to try a new activity or improve an existing skill in easy, digestible moments of sheer fun – all delivered to your phone.

  • Is Prax a Social Network?

    Prax is not exactly a social network but we rely on a community of like-minded Praxters to cheer on, give positive feedback and inspire.

  • What kinds of things can I do on Prax?

    Prax is a lot like summer camp. It’s a place where you get to try anything you want without judgment, without perfection. One day you can write song lyrics while the next day you’re learning calming breathing techniques. Why not give woodworking a try? Or use a cooking Prax to finally learn how to fold in cheese.

  • Can Prax help me improve my existing skills?

    A Prax is not a journey with a fixed endpoint – there is always something new to learn, always room to get better and improve. Have fun and play your way to personal growth!

    That being said, we also highly encourage you to follow a Praxtitioner you like and do all of their Praxes. Those collective prompts will help hone one particular skill.

  • How do I become a Praxtitioner?

    Fill in the form at and we'll reach out to you soon!

  • How do I delete my account?

    We never like to see anyone leave. But if you must go, just email us at We'll shed a tear but help you in a jiffy!

We‘re in beta! Please let us know if you have any questions...

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